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Understanding Policy Renewals

You are required to renew your COID policy, and any other policy you may hold with RMA, annually. In order to renew your policy, you are obliged to:

  • Submit actual and estimated earnings
  • Pay the required premiums

Once these requirements have been met, a Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) is issued. The renewal dates differ for Class IV and Class XIII.

Submitting earnings

You are required to submit earnings for all your employees as follows:

  • Actual earnings: These are your actual payroll costs of all employees from the previous policy year.
  • Estimated earnings: These are the forecasted earnings for the all employees that you expect to employ during the current policy year.

The submission of earnings is important as we use this information to determine premiums.

How do I submit earnings?

You can submit earnings through our online client portal which is available through the Online Services section of our website.

Can I make an adjustment to the earnings during the year?

No adjustments to earnings are processed during the year unless it is material to the number of employees covered.

Earnings submission deadlines

Class IV

Actual: 31 January

Estimates: 30 June

Class XIII

Actual: 31 March

Estimates: 31 March

We encourage you to avoid the rush and declare your earnings well in advance of the deadline. This will help you to ensure that you get your LOGS timeously before your previous one expires.

The submission of earnings is also referred to as:

  • return of earnings (ROEs)
  • declaration of earnings

Do I need to declare earnings for employees working abroad?

Only employees who are temporarily employed abroad (less than 12 months), but who are generally employed within South Africa, are covered when they are injured. Therefore, staff  who are permanently employed abroad (more than 12 months) should not be included in your earnings declarations as they will not be covered for injury. Talk to us if you have employees who are abroad for longer than 12 months as we have a separate solution available for you.

What if my company is classified as Class IV or Class XIII, but I have employees who fall within another class of business?

In cases where there are multiple classes of business within one company or operation, the dominant business will apply.

What do I do if my company has been incorrectly classified?

Re-classification can be applied for with the Compensation Fund. Once this has been completed, supporting documents must be sent to RMA so that we may update our records.

What if there is a variance between the estimated and actual earnings for a given policy period?

If there is a variance, we request a copy of your audited payroll report for that policy year to support the variance. This report should be sent to

What if I don’t submit earnings for my company?

Penalties are applied for non-submission as follows:

Class IV

  • CPI adjustment is made to the previous year’s actual earnings if estimated earnings are not received by 30 June.
  • Penalty applied from 1 February if actual earnings are not submitted by end 31 January.

Class XIII

  • Penalty applied from 1 April if either actual or estimated earnings (or both) are not submitted by 31 March.

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