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Temporary Total Disablement Benefits

TTD benefits are payment for the employee’s days off work while injured. TTDs are paid if the employee is:

  • off work for more than three consecutive days;
  • undergoing medical treatment; and
  • booked off by the treating doctor either by means of a medical report or a sick note for more than three consecutive days.

Depending on how long the employee has been booked off for, you as the employer will pay the employee for the first three months that they are booked off work from the date of the accident. Once we have accepted liability for the claim, you are reimbursed from the date of the accident. The benefit amounts are updated annually by the Minister of Labour.

A temporary total disablement (TTD) benefit is also known as:

  • days off benefit
  • income replacement benefit

The benefit is paid at 75% of the employee’s normal salary. TTD payments are tax free.

The TTD payment will stop when the employee:

  • resumes the same work they were doing before they were injured;
  • resumes any other work at the same or higher pay than before they were injured; or
  • is awarded permanent disablement.

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