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RMA's Group Scheme Funeral Cover for you and your family

Helping families ease the financial burden when a love one passes away. RMA's Group Scheme funeral cover provides financial protection to people who belong to group schemes such as churches, Stokvels, Unions, Clubs or other similar groups.

RMA Group Scheme Funeral Cover

For R60 per month:

  • Pays up to R30 000
  • Pays within 48 hours
  • R10 000 cover per extended family member for R20

Funeral cover options:

  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 (over 65's)
Premium R60 R90 R120 R90
Cover R10 000 R20 000 R30 000 R10 000
Family unit Member + Spouse + 6 children
Extended family member: R10 000 cover for R20 per member, up to a maximum of 10 members between ages 0 - 65 years and R10 000 for R90 for member between age 66 – 85 years. Note: only one cover option can be selected for all extended family members

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