Affordable Group Personal Accident Cover


Comprehensive Employee Group Personal Accident Cover

The Group Personal Accident policy is designed to provide wide ranging cover to suite different needs for employees involved in accidents that are not work-related which would be rejected under COID such as:

  • Travel between home and work
  • Accidents outside the workplace
  • Recreational sports injuries

What is Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group insurance scheme aims to help businesses who would like to cover their employees for risks associated with life-changing events. These include dread diseases, temporary or permanent disability, or death.

A group scheme will have minimum eligibility criteria decided by your employer and RMA such as the number of hours you work per week, or a minimum salary to qualify for the policy.

We offer group insurance as a supplement to our main COID insurance cover for employees. The benefits of the COID Act on which we based our insurance are that it covers all employees, irrespective of their salary grades.

Our cover options

GPA Classic:

Cover option amounts to choose from:

R50 000

R100 000

R150 000

R250 000

R500 000


Benefits payable:

Funeral expenses

R20 000 paid to the nominated beneficiary in the event of the employees’ death

Income Protection

Up to R25 000 paid up to 24 months

Permanent disablement

Pays up to 100% of the chosen cover amount, according to the AMA Table of benefits

Death and Total Permanent disablement

Lump sum pay-out up to 100% of the chosen cover amount. The permanent disablement benefit is an accelerator of the death benefit. This means that any claims paid will reduce the death benefit pay-out.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Insurance

We’ll be able to cover you for:

  •  Medical Expenses
  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent Disability
  • Death

And the greatest benefit of your group personal accident benefits is they apply even if you are offsite, or engaging in an activity not directly related to work. This product also couples well with RMA Augmentation Cover is specifically for employees who earn above the standard COID threshold. Those employees will need to maintain their lifestyle with a salary-equivalent monthly payout.

With RMA, all your employees are ALWAYS covered.

GPA Comprehensive:

Benefits payable:

Funeral Expenses

R20 000 paid to the family in the event of the employees’ death

Permanent Disablement

There are two ways in which the employee is compensated for permanent disablement:

  • Lump sum payment – for disablement assessed between 1 – 30%
  • Monthly pension – for disablement assessed to be greater than 30%. Monthly pension paid out is a portion of the employee’s earnings at the time of the accident

Death Benefits

If the employee dies as a result of their injury, a portion of the deceased employee’s earnings at the time of the accident will be paid out as a:

  • Monthly pension to the spouse;
  • Monthly pension to the children: Payable until the age of 18 years

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