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ISSUE #2 | JUNE 2018

Class IV and Class XIII Newsletter

Q2 | Issue 2

Class IV and Class XIII Newsletter


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Why it’s important for your employees to have 24-hour comprehensive cover:

One of the key concerns for any business is the wellbeing of their employees – not only will employees be more motivated and willing to work hard, they can feel a sense of pride in their employer if they are satisfied with the coverage they receive.

As an employer, we understand the need for you to ensure that you and your employees are not financially incapacitated when faced with a serious injury or illness, which is why you already offer your employees Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) benefits.

However, COID offers limited compensation that exposes your employees to potential shortfalls that may compromise their standard of living with a life-changing event and even leave you exposed.

As leaders in the administration of occupational injuries and diseases, we know that your employees are your biggest investment - that’s why it’s important that you look after their personal interests, helping them protect their financial future and the future of their dependants.

We can help you become just that with our wide-ranging, comprehensive, relevant and cost-effective value-added insurance products to help reduce gaps in cover.

Enhance your employees’ cover through these unique and tailored offerings:

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