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(I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII)
Item Section Nature and degree of disablement Nature of benefits Manner of calculating benefits Recommended maximum compensation Recommended minimum compensation
1. 47(1)(a) Temporary total disablement Periodical payments 75% of an employee’s monthly earnings at the time of the accident. R28 658 R4 012
2. 49(1) Permanent disablement of 30% Lump sum 15 x the monthly earnings of the employee at the time of the accident. R320 985 R82 500
3. 49(1) Permanent disablement of less than 30% Lump sum The lump sum benefits are proportionate to the permanent disablement % (degree of impairment) as outlined in item 2 above - up to 30% disablement.    
4. 49(1) Permanent disablement of 100% Monthly pension 75% of an employee’s monthly earnings at the time of the accident. R28 658 R4 012
5. 49(1) Permanent disablement of less than 100% but more than 30% Monthly pension An amount which bears to a pension calculated under item 4 the same proportion as the degree of permanent disablement to 100%.    
6. 54(1)a Fatal Lump sum Twice the amount that employee would have earned at the time of their death as outlined in item 4 above. R57 316 R8 024
7. 54(1)b Fatal Monthly Pension 40% of the monthly pension that the employee would have earned at the time of their death as outlined in item 4 above. R11 464 R1 605
8. 54(1)c Fatal Monthly pension Each child will receive 20% of the monthly pension that employee would have earned at the time of their death as outlined in item 4 above. R5 732 R802
9. 54(1)(d)(ii) Fatal Lump sum Percentage dependence as portion of R155 183 based on a standard formula. (Partial dependency) R165 115  
10. 54(2) Fatal Funeral costs 18 251 per claim. R18 251  
11. 63(1)(a) Minimum for free food and quarters To be included in earnings Free food = minimum of R285 per month. Free quarters = minimum of R128 per month.   R285 per month for free food and R128 per month for free quarters.
12. 28 Constant attendance allowance Monthly allowance Minimum amount of R2 117 per month.   R2 117

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Understanding Policy Renewals

You are required to renew your COID policy, and any other policy you may hold with RMA, annually. In order to renew your policy, you are obliged to:

  • Submit actual and estimated earnings
  • Pay the required premiums

Once these requirements have been met, a Letter of Good Standing (LOGS) is issued. The renewal dates differ for Class IV and Class XIII.

Submitting earnings

You are required to submit earnings for all your employees as follows:

  • Actual earnings: These are your actual payroll costs of all employees from the previous policy year.
  • Estimated earnings: These are the forecasted earnings for the all employees that you expect to employ during the current policy year.

The submission of earnings is important as we use this information to determine premiums.

How do I submit earnings?

You can submit earnings through our online client portal which is available through the Online Services section of our website.

Can I make an adjustment to the earnings during the year?

No adjustments to earnings are processed during the year unless it is material to the number of employees covered.

Earnings submission deadlines

Class IV

Actual: 31 January

Estimates: 30 June

Class XIII

Actual: 31 March

Estimates: 31 March

We encourage you to avoid the rush and declare your earnings well in advance of the deadline. This will help you to ensure that you get your LOGS timeously before your previous one expires.

The submission of earnings is also referred to as:

  • return of earnings (ROEs)
  • declaration of earnings

Do I need to declare earnings for employees working abroad?

Only employees who are temporarily employed abroad (less than 12 months), but who are generally employed within South Africa, are covered when they are injured. Therefore, staff  who are permanently employed abroad (more than 12 months) should not be included in your earnings declarations as they will not be covered for injury. Talk to us if you have employees who are abroad for longer than 12 months as we have a separate solution available for you.

What if my company is classified as Class IV or Class XIII, but I have employees who fall within another class of business?

In cases where there are multiple classes of business within one company or operation, the dominant business will apply.

What do I do if my company has been incorrectly classified?

Re-classification can be applied for with the Compensation Fund. Once this has been completed, supporting documents must be sent to RMA so that we may update our records.

What if there is a variance between the estimated and actual earnings for a given policy period?

If there is a variance, we request a copy of your audited payroll report for that policy year to support the variance. This report should be sent to

What if I don’t submit earnings for my company?

Penalties are applied for non-submission as follows:

Class IV

  • CPI adjustment is made to the previous year’s actual earnings if estimated earnings are not received by 30 June.
  • Penalty applied from 1 February if actual earnings are not submitted by end 31 January.

Class XIII

  • Penalty applied from 1 April if either actual or estimated earnings (or both) are not submitted by 31 March.

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Total Disablement Benefit.jpg

Temporary Total Disablement Benefits

TTD benefits are payment for the employee’s days off work while injured. TTDs are paid if the employee is:

  • off work for more than three consecutive days;
  • undergoing medical treatment; and
  • booked off by the treating doctor either by means of a medical report or a sick note for more than three consecutive days.

Depending on how long the employee has been booked off for, you as the employer will pay the employee for the first three months that they are booked off work from the date of the accident. Once we have accepted liability for the claim, you are reimbursed from the date of the accident. The benefit amounts are updated annually by the Minister of Labour.

A temporary total disablement (TTD) benefit is also known as:

  • days off benefit
  • income replacement benefit

The benefit is paid at 75% of the employee’s normal salary. TTD payments are tax free.

The TTD payment will stop when the employee:

  • resumes the same work they were doing before they were injured;
  • resumes any other work at the same or higher pay than before they were injured; or
  • is awarded permanent disablement.

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Surfs up with RMA and Jean-Paul Veaundry
In 2018 RMA contributed towards Jean-Paul Veaudry’s trip to the ISA world Adaptive Surfing Championship in California USA.

The ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship is an event created to give surfers with physical challenges an opportunity to compete and display their talents in a Paralympic-style, competition. The event has grown since the its launch in 2015 and has spurred the growth of the sport around the world.

Jean-Paul was involved in a hit-and-run collision on his motorcycle in May 2009, which left him with an amputated right leg below the knee. He has been surfing since he was 12 years old and since his accident, he has competed in the Challenged Athletes Division in the WSA Coast Championships held in California, USA where he took first place twice.

In 2015 he completed in his first ISA World Adaptive Championships and has been competing in the event every year since. Last year Jean -Paul won his first two heats and ranked 3rd over-all going into the quarter finals and won every heat on day 2, putting him in 5th place going into the semi-finals. The South African Team made us proud, placing 9th out of 24 countries and 120 entries.

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Funeral Cover for Employees
You currently have Injury on duty cover (COIDA) with us, which also provides national funeral expense benefits for employees.

But what happens…

…if the death was not related to work?
…if it is the employee’s family member who has died?
…to the family if the member has died?

We have a solution just for that:
We have designed a funeral cover to ensure your employees and their family will have a dignified funeral and that the costs involved with planning a funeral are covered.

  • Pay-out cover for Employee, Spouse and up to 6 children.
  • Immediate cover, no waiting period.
  • Children covered until 21 years.
  • Continuation option on resignation from employer.

You get employee and immediate family cover for R70PM

Here’s a breakdown on the pay-out cover

  • Employee                                            R30 000
  • Spouse                                                R30 000

Child Dependant (age at death)

  • 14 -22 Years                                      R30 000
  • 6-13 Years                                          R15 000
  • 1-5 Years                                            R7500
  • Stillborn up to 11 months                    R3750

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