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Residents of Rand Mutual Care Facility recently had a fun-filled day of healthy activity when they competed in the wheelchair event of the Welkom Eskom Athletics Club Road Race 2016.

“Congratulations to all our beneficiaries who took part in the 1.5km wheelchair road race. This race presented an enjoyable opportunity for getting fresh air and exercise, as well as stimulating healthy competition,” says Dr Deodat Kritzinger, General Manager: Medical at Rand Mutual Assurance.

“One of the residents of our Rand Mutual Care Facility, Mr Mofammere Moreki, won a trophy for coming second in the race. We are exceptionally proud of his achievement, and of everyone who took part in the event.

“Other racers in Team RMA were Mr Gxumayo Mzwandile, Mr Makhahleni Mzimeni, Mr William Sitsheke, Mr Tshepang Mafa, Mr Thabo Kibi and Mr Nkumande Zamekile, and all of them finished within the time limit. Congratulations to all of them,” he said.

The Rand Mutual Care Facility, which was officially launched in Welkom in April, provides custodial care for individuals who have suffered life-changing accidents and are beneficiaries of RMA-administered compensation in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA).

“Apart from providing day-to-day care for the 16 full-time residents, we also aim to provide rehabilitation; not only physical rehabilitation as they grow stronger from the physical injuries they sustained, but in terms of the psychosocial aspects of rehabilitation,” Dr Kritzinger explains.

“A large part of this process involves overcoming the effects that sudden disability can have on self-perception. When many of these men were first coming to terms with the injuries they suffered, they may not have imagined that they would be able to compete in a race ever again.

“The opportunity of taking part in a race such as the Eskom Athletics Club Road Race highlights the abilities of participants, and confirms that they are all winners in their own right. Team RMA have proved that they are champions, and their spirit of sportsmanship proves that they are worthy ambassadors for RMA,” Dr Kritzinger concluded.