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No matter what a day may bring, RMA is our client’s constant source of warmth, compassion and care when life hands them challenges that seem too hard to face alone. Whether clients are injured on duty, ill or pass away and leave family behind, we are here to make life stress-free with a range of policies.

For over 120 years, Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) has been handling the administration of claims for occupational injuries and diseases according to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA).

You are in safe hands with RMA, who are passionate about caring for the lives of its claimants and their families. Our organisation embodies its brand promise of caring, compassionate, compensation at every level of the organisation.

RMA has the licence to administer claims for both Class IV (Mining) and Class XIII (Iron, Steel, Metal and related industries). Within the RMA Group, there are more insurance product offerings uniquely designed to offer 24-hour cover against injuries to close the gaps not covered by COIDA, as well as a market-leading IT compensation solution.

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Image Alt TextAll this is delivered on our promise of caring, compassionate, compensation.     View our products

Why Choose RMA As Your Insurer?

More than 120 years’ experience of administering occupational injuries and diseases.

We administer more than one million lives.

We strive for fast payment of claims.

We have industry experience in tracing beneficiaries.

We offer value-added insurance products to further benefit you.

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RMA Corporate Video 2019
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