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We all have dreams and aspirations for our careers. Join a work family who cares about you.

Our People

1.Personal Role in creating and maintaining trust

Communicating openly and honestly with stakeholders around that which is possible and that which will take more effort in attaining, is key to building sustainable relationships.

2.Positive impact on a fellow employee’s life

I am directly involved with increasing the number of employees with disabilities and through this am constantly educating managers as well as committees around this initiative.

3. Favourite RMA team experience

Being part of the Human Capital Strategy session was quite impactful. Participating in MANCO and projects of a strategic nature allows for alignment and synergy within teams.

4. Tell us about your personal career growth experience at RMA.

Navigating complex relationships is part of my daily learning at RMA.

5. Describe your typical day as a Talent Acquisition Manager. What makes you get up in the morning and come to RMA?

My job as Talent Acquisition Manager allows me to lead and support my team in finding the most suitable experienced hires as well as graduates for RMA.

6. Why would you recommend RMA as an Employer of choice? /Why did you choose RMA?

At RMA we care about each, we are compassionate toward one another and we believe in compensating our talent for their performance.

7. What personality or professional traits would someone need to fit into the RMA culture? (Talk to us about the company values and how you identify with them)

The RMA culture would suit someone with high levels of integrity, someone that is conscientious, someone that is resilient and tenacious and someone that is adaptable to change.

8. Pride in being part of a world class co8. What are your favourite RMA benefits and perks? /How have/ or which of the RMA Benefits impacted on your or your family’s life? mpany

I am very excited about the Risk benefits (Life Cover/Funeral Cover/Pension Fund) offered by RMA as well as the number of leave days. Over and above that, the lucrative bonuses are based on performance and employees can determine how much they stand to earn.

9. RMA with its National footprint is exposed to the latest in Technology. Describe the pride you feel knowing that you are part of a world class company?

I am very proud to be working for this companying and contributing the little that I can in ensuring that it remains a world class company.