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Our People

1. RMA’s true passion is People, as mentioned in the values “At RMA we are about people. We cannot be successful without creating and maintaining trust among our stakeholders.”. Tell us about your personal role in this.

I was privileged to join RMA at the start of a project to launch a Care Facility in Welkom. The purpose of the facility is to live this specific value of being about our people, by providing quality care and service to RMA Claimants and Pensioners alike. It shows that RMA seeks to care for people in the long term and I loved being part of establishing this facility and service.

2. RMA tell us about how you, in your role as a (job title), have positively impacted on a fellow-employee’s life.

I’m a Business Analyst at RMA and the core function of my role is to engage with colleagues to translate their business needs into tangible solutions that improve efficiency and drive better quality to serve our customers optimally.

3. Tell us about your favorite RMA team experience.

I love people and getting to know what drives them. As a Business Analyst I’m fortunate to engage with various teams on a regular basis. My favourite experience is facilitating workshops where I really get to see how people think and collaborate to come up with new ideas or solutions to improve RMA as a whole.

4. Tell us about your personal career growth experience at RMA.

I’ve been given the opportunity to go from being a traditional Business Analyst to honing my skills in an Agile environment. Since the organization is still new to the methodology, we are receiving a lot of training and coaching in this area. I love how Agile is adaptable but within a structure and how it fosters teamwork.

5. Describe your typical day as a (Job Title). What makes you get up in the morning and come to RMA?

As a Business Analyst I really get to engage with colleagues regularly and that’s the part I love. I’m definitely a people person with an analytical mind. I get a thrill from talking to people, trying to understand their pain points and coming up with solutions together.

6. Why would you recommend RMA as an Employer of choice? /Why did you choose RMA ?

RMA is a well-established organization having been in business for 124 years, with a great track record, yet is innovating and expanding with a goal to become one of SA’s top 10 insurers. It is exciting to be part of a company that is growing in so many new ways, yet remaining competitive and not only surviving but thriving in a tough economy.

7. What personality or professional traits would someone need to fit into the RMA culture? (Talk to us about the company values and how you identify with them)

RMA is about people and how to serve them best. A love of delivering quality and personal customer service – the right service at the right time - is a must. RMA embraces diversity so a willingness to add your own flair whilst respecting the difference of your colleagues and harnessing it for positive growth, will ensure a fulfilling career. Responsibility and accountability are also big drivers in the company.

8. What are your favorite RMA benefits and perks?/How have/ or which of the RMA Benefits impacted on your or your family’s life?

I think RMA is very competitive in terms of remuneration of staff. The benefits are very comprehensive and you can annually review and structure your package in a way that best suits your needs.

9. RMA with its National footprint is exposed to the latest in Technology. Describe the pride you feel knowing that you are part of a world class company?

I feel incredibly excited and privileged to be part of a company that is striving to continually improve on products and services that bring quality back to the lives we insure.