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Our People

1. RMA’s true passion is People, as mentioned in the values “At RMA we are about people. We cannot be successful without creating and maintaining trust among our stakeholders.”. Tell us about your personal role in this.

As a Business Process Engineer, my personal role at RMA in creating and maintaining trust amongst our stakeholders is through process design that improves both RMA Staff and customer engagement processes while adopting best practices, best practices results in service delivery at the right time (SLA Management), quantity and quality.

2. RMA tell us about how you, in your role as a (job title), have positively impacted on a fellow-employee’s life.

As a Business Process Engineer I have improved the RMA employee’s lives by introducing new technologies such as Hyphen which enables my colleagues to obtain and validate customer information without having to engage with the customer.

3. Tell us about your favourite RMA team experience.

My RMA favourite team experience was through the Straight Through Processing (STP) project where teams: Claims, Medicals, Pensions, Records, Project Office, Information Technology etc. collaborated and shared skills and knowledge in ensuring that the organizational goal is met. This team experience has showed strong team cohesion as the teams collaborated end-to-end in achieving this goal. Handover from team to team has been smooth and clarity was created where there was none.

4. Tell us about your personal career growth experience at RMA.

RMA has a Personal Development Program (PDP) for all staff. I have personally experienced growth through personalised programmes recommended by EXCO for upskilling.

5. Describe your typical day as a (Job Title). What makes you get up in the morning and come to RMA?

The thought of assisting our fellow customers in obtaining medical care and be able to provide for their families in their time of need.

6. Why would you recommend RMA as an Employer of choice? /Why did you choose RMA?

RMA is a brand that is committed to its values. I would therefore recommend RMA as an employer of choice as the day-to-day operations are guided by the values: Caring for both internal and external stakeholders, Compassionate about delivering best value to customers and staff, compensation to impacted customers and through rewards and recognition to staff.

7. What personality or professional traits would someone need to fit into the RMA culture? (Talk to us about the company values and how you identify with them)

A potential RMA employee would need to be Caring and Compassionate. This individual would need to be a diverse driven, willing to go the extra mile to ensure that organisational goals are met.