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Our People

1. RMA’s true passion is People, as mentioned in the values “At RMA we are about people. We cannot be successful without creating and maintaining trust among our stakeholders.”. Tell us about your personal role in this.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist is to attract the correct caliber of candidates who understand what RMA is about, we want to hire people that are hardworking and understand the customer value. RMA is passionate about their customers and we want to hire candidates that are compassionate about helping our customers.

2. RMA tell us about how you, in your role as a (job title), have positively impacted on a fellow-employee’s life.

My role is to attract and acquire resources that will benefit the organization. By complying with the EEA needs of the organization and assist with improving the BEEE status of the organization. My role was a big when RMA acquired the silver status last year and we are currently pushing towards Gold status.

3. Tell us about your favorite RMA team experience.

It should be Talent acquisition team and the HR stakeholders. The comradery is amazing, and we have a great working relationship. We attract talent, we acquire talent, the Rem and benefits draft the contracts with the benefits included. Then the Learning and development team orientate the new employee and then the training team maps out the development the employee would need to up skill them and develop their abilities to grow in their role.

4. Tell us about your personal career growth experience at RMA.

RMA has given me an opportunity to work with different departments working on roles that are super cool and I’ve met super intelligent candidates that most of the times leaves me speechless. It’s amazing o the notice the type of talent we attract at RMA, I have been to numerous training and I have developed a lot since I started working for RMA. I have a great manager that is passionate about Talent acquisition that spirit rubs on us and we are always striving to improve and be better than yesterday.

5. Describe your typical day as a (Job Title). What makes you get up in the morning and come to RMA?

What makes me wake up every day is that I know that my role has a direct influence in the daily running’s of the organisation and I’m valued within the walls of RMA. I have the ability to change people’s lives and their families. That is why I work in the Talent acquisition space, I love working with people and helping them improve their lives.

6. Why would you recommend RMA as an Employer of choice? /Why did you choose RMA ?

I would recommend RMA to any employee that would want to work in a space that is ever improving, where employees are paid well and their input in valued. THE MONEY IS GOOD.

7. What personality or professional traits would someone need to fit into the RMA culture? (Talk to us about the company values and how you identify with them)

One must be passionate about their job, one has to value customer needs, one has to understand that we are compassionate, caring and we compensate our customer needs.

8. What are your favorite RMA benefits and perks?/How have/ or which of the RMA Benefits impacted on your or your family’s life?

RMA pays well, they ever willing to book their employees for training and these excellent incentives for employees.

9. RMA with its National footprint is exposed to the latest in Technology. Describe the pride you feel knowing that you are part of a world class company?

I’m very proud of being part of an organization that has the latest technology and the organization is moving towards a paperless environment. Which makes life easier for employees and our external customers.