Message alert for Class XIII clients (Iron, metal, steel, galvanising and related industries): Your 2017 premium invoices have been emailed but should you require a copy you can also download the invoice on C-Filing. Premium payments, as well as earnings declarations (estimates for 2017 and actual payroll costs for 2016), are due no later than 31 March 2017. Kindly note that the Compensation Fund’s Return of Earnings extension is not applicable to RMA clients, and the deadline for submissions remains 31 March 2017. Avoid the rush, declare your earnings online in advance of the deadline to ensure you remain in good standing – the online submission period opens on 1 March 2017. The RMA system supports Internet Explorer (IE) version 7 and above. If you receive an error message when submitting earnings, this may be due to compatibility issues and we recommend that you use Internet Explorer to ensure error-free submissions.
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Why work for RMA?

Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) is a leader in the administration of compensation for occupational injuries and diseases. It is a company that takes its slogan of caring, compassionate compensation seriously, ensuring that this is applied to both employees and external stakeholders.
As a company focussed on caring, compassion and good corporate citizenship, we seek individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, who want to help others and deliver a high level of service to support this principle.
RMA is on a growth path and seeks competent and dedicated staff to achieve its goals. It employs in excess of 260 employees and the company is expanding rapidly.
In order to obtain a better understanding of what our employees value, RMA participates in the annual Deloitte Best Company to Work for Survey.
RMA had an incredible 87% response rate in the 2015 survey, resulting in RMA being awarded a bronze ‘Standard of Excellence Achiever’ certificate based on our employees’ feedback, with a mean score of 3.71.
We pride ourselves in the continued effort of ensuring that our employees have a great employment experience. And we like to think that is why 86% of our employees agreed that RMA is an employer of choice.
When we examined what it is that we are doing particularly well, training and development topped the list. Through our regular and efficient training programmes we assist our employees to gain the knowledge necessary to equip them to perform their job optimally.
Employees of RMA also identify extremely well with the overall purpose of the company and feel that their jobs are important and aligned to the goals and priorities of the company.
RMA is on a growth path that is exploring many exciting new opportunities and we are looking for competent and dedicated employees to help us to achieve our goal. If you believe you are a committed, caring, compassionate and results-driven achiever looking for stimulating new prospects in a growing business, then RMA is the company for you.

Hear what our staff have to say about working at RMA?

“Acknowledging and rewarding employees for quality work”
“Employees are motivated to do their jobs well”
“Sharing knowledge and information”
“Building a strong work ethic”
“Caring for the well-being of employees”
“It’s a family culture”
“RMA are creating an environment for growth”

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