Message alert for Class XIII clients (Iron, metal, steel, galvanising and related industries): Your 2017 premium invoices and earnings declarations (estimates for 2017 and actual payroll costs for 2016) were due on 31 March 2017. Kindly note that the Compensation Fund’s Return of Earnings extension is not applicable to RMA clients, and the deadline for submissions remains 31 March 2017.

Message alert for all employers: The Department of Labour has released the COID benefit increases for 2017/18, effective 1 April 2017. To view the new benefits, click here.
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RMA offers training solution for stakeholders to ensure a sound understanding of its products, processes and its simple, accessible online facilities. In order to ensure that your training needs are sufficiently supported, please regularly check our training schedules to find a training date that is taking place near you, or email us on

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