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RMA launches Proof of Life campaign in Lesotho

13 October 2016

RMA recently launched is O sa phela (Proof of Life) campaign at a press conference in Maseru. During the month of October RMA is calling on all its pensioners in Lesotho to complete their Proof of Life process at any Nedbank Lesotho branch during the month of October.

This process is important in order to ensure that RMA is paying a pension to living recipients, and therefore it needs to be completed twice a year.

An RMA pensioner is an injured worker with a permanent disability, or the widows and beneficiaries of workers who have died as a result of their work-related injury or disease who are currently receive a pension from RMA.

“Our pensioners will receive notifications to remind them to complete the biannual Proof of Life process. In these months they will be required to visit their nearest Nedbank Lesotho branch, where their Proof of Life verification will be conducted. They should also bring with them any beneficiaries who are currently receiving a pension from RMA,” explains Patrick Matshidze, Chief Operating Officer of RMA.

“In addition to the Proof of Life verification process, RMA pensioners can open an RMA Transactor account with Nedbank Lesotho, which will help to bring their money closer to them. They therefore need to open their RMA Transactor account, which can be done at their closest Nedbank Lesotho branch, which will make it easier for our beneficiaries to access their monthly pensions.

“RMA will continue to pay the full pension as it has always done, which means that RMA will absorb all bank charges, as these will not be transferred onto the pensioner. Any bank charges that may reflect on the bank statements are automatically reimbursed at the end of each month,” Matshidze adds.

The benefits of having an RMA Transactor account with Nedbank Lesotho are that RMA pensioners will receive a debit card that they can use, at no cost, at any Nedbank ATM. In areas where there are no Nedbank ATMs, they can use any ATM at no cost.

“This means that our pensioners, for the most part, will no longer need to travel long distances or stand in long queues to obtain their money. They have access to their money 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as and when they need it. They also receive notification from the bank when the money has been paid into their account by RMA. They can also use their debit card at any retail outlet to pay for their purchases,” he elaborates.

In addition, pensioners have the option of taking out a funeral benefit with RMA, which has been specifically discounted for RMA’s pensioners in Lesotho. The benefit includes a payment of M30 000 for the pensioner, plus M30 000 for their spouse, plus cover for their children for a monthly fee of M80.

RMA will be working closely with the District Administrators and local chiefs in order to get the Proof of Life verification message out to the Basotho nation and to ensure that RMA’s pensioners have no disruption in the payment of their pension following the 31 October 2016 cut-off date.

A special arrangement is in place with Nedbank Lesotho whereby branches will be open on Sundays during standard working hours for the month of October, especially for RMA pensioners. This includes Sunday 9, 16, 23 and 30 October.

Pensioners are requested to kindly bring the following documentation with them to the bank in order to complete the verification process:

  • Proof of Identification (ID document/card, valid passport or driver’s license)
  • Proof of residence (letter from local chief or utility bill less than three months old)

“RMA values its Basotho pensioners highly, and we are certain that the new process involving Nedbank Lesotho will have far-reaching benefits for them in terms of convenience and ease of access.  We look forward to continuing our journey with our beneficiaries in Lesotho as we continue to provide caring, compassionate compensation and support going forward,” Matshidze concludes.

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