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Note of thanks by Patrick Matshidze: COO, RMA

20 April 2016

Esteemed guests: Honourable Minister Mildred Oliphant; The Honourable Deputy Minister Godfrey Oliphant; Director-General of Labour, Mr. T Lamati, respected dignitaries from the Department of Labour and Department of Health, The Office of the Compensation Commissioner, The Executive Mayor of Welkom, valued guests from industry and organised labour, The Chamber of Mines, our MC Mdu Mathenjwa, residents of the Rand Mutual Care Facility, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen allow me to once again extend our thanks for joining us on this memorable occasion.

On behalf of Rand Mutual Assurance, I wish to convey our sincere gratitude to you for gracing the launch of our new care facility with your presence and for those who have travelled from far, we thank you.

Indeed it means a great deal that you would take the time to join us in extending a warm welcome to our residents as they settle in to their new home.

We hope that this red-letter day will be the start of many happy years here for our beneficiaries. We trust that they will mark their own personal progress from this day going forward to reach ambitions that may, even now, seem like ephemeral dreams.

This facility is the culmination of years of planning, consultation, project management and support. Not only is this a place where our pensioners will enjoy a high standard of medical and physical care but a place where we seek to rebuild lives with a sense of purpose through vocational and social reintegration.

As the powerful stories we have heard today demonstrate, great things are possible with time and determination. Beneficiaries, please be assured that RMA is by your side to support you.

We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity available to you – you may surprise yourself by discovering hidden talents you never imagined that you possessed.

Thank you for your patience in the process of relocating to this new facility. Moving is always a stressful time, but we are confident that you will soon feel right at home.

A word of thanks also to our CEO, Jay Singh, for his vision and leadership and to Dr Deodat Kritzinger who ensured that the dream was brought into reality.

Also, gratitude goes to all parties, including the Board of RMA and RMA’s mining shareholders, who have worked so hard to bring this beautiful facility to fruition, and the dedicated staff members, healthcare providers and others who will ensure that this place lives up to the standard of respectful care our beneficiaries deserve.

I thank all of you for joining us here in Welkom today and wish you a safe journey home.

As this ceremony draws to a close, I invite you all join me in a warm round of applause, hailing the dignity and humanity within these walls and wishing the residents and staff many years of positive memories in the making. I thank you all.

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